Why Prefab

Always Meet Deadlines

Partner with us to build your prefab shop’s project at your direction with engineered details so well matched no one knows the difference.

Lower Schedule Demands

Turn the building project over sooner and make everyone involved more money.

Build It Ahead Of Time

Even before the building is available for installation, have assemblies ready with zero risk of weather or other timeline delays. 

Minimize Material Handling

Reduce general liability with fewer man hours on the job site, minimizing opportunities for accidents or theft of materials and tools.

Cut Down On Manpower Needs

Create a well managed workflow by helping your crews stay engaged early in the project.

Choose Power + Prefab

Three steps to receiveing your custom electrical solutions

1. Call Us

Call and speak directly to an experienced electrician

2. get a solution

Get expert recommendations on customizable solutions.

3. receive your materials

Take delivery of UL certified materials straight to the jobsite.