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Quality UL Listed Prefabricated Electrical Systems

Eliminate Hidden Costs To Your Prefab Shop

Save the time and expense of hiring and training new employees in your prefab shop during peak market fluctuation times. Outsource to us instead.

Save By Outsourcing Your Prefab Work To Us

Average electrical industry turnover is 55% per year resulting in 18% in lost annual wages.

Outsourcing to us can save $91,500 per year for a typical prefab shop.

Save $48,000 per year by avoiding receiving, assembling, warehousing, and delivery costs.

Indirect Savings by outsourcing to Power PreFab can total $139,500 per year!

With Power + Prefab

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Three steps to receiveing your custom electrical solutions

1. Call Us

Call and speak directly to an experienced electrician

2. get a solution

Get expert recommendations on customizable solutions.

3. receive your materials

Take delivery of UL certified materials straight to the jobsite.