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Power Prefab Quote Process- Simple:

Send us your construction documents in pdf format, with specifications. Please send your architectural and electrical documents at a minimum. Power Prefab will review the documents and specs to build an estimate. Simple checklists and item summaries, broken out in easy to follow format, are submitted with each quote.

Step 1 - Send us your info!

Once we receive the documents and get details of what type of system the customer desires, we can have a quote prepared within 5-10 working days. We can produce faster quotes depending on the demands of the project schedule and quality of the design documents.

Step 2 - Approve to get us moving!

Send Purchase Order with our signed quote to Distribution/Power Prefab: Once we receive all the specific information, it usually takes our designers two weeks to produce detail drawings for review. Our designers (electricians), typically have discussions with your management staff in an effort to prepare accurate drawings.

Step 3 - Sign off on submitted drawings!

Drawings are sent and reviewed by the contractor. Questions and adjustments are made by the contractor via direct discussions with the designer working on your project. No middle-man or distributor to save time and avoid miscommunications. Once the contractor is satisfied, the documents are signed off.

Step 4 - Get ready for shipments to the job site!

We can normally ship the project within 2 weeks of the order, but strive to work on shipping major areas based on the project schedule. We attempt to plan shipments per the construction schedule, to minimize staging and storage issues on the job, plus reduce potential for loss and damage.

  • Each shipment comes in clearly labeled boxes based on contents, floor, room #, and/or area. Each assembled item is uniquely identified and color coded to match the detail drawings.
  • Multiple sets of the approved detail drawings are shipped within each box. One for field foreman to keep and others for the field installation crews.

Support/Assistance: Power Prefab realizes the job isn’t done until the project is complete. We also understand you need the designers and staff that worked on your project, not an arbitrary tech support person. Your Power Prefab project designer is always available to help assist during the project installation.